A Church Revolution Through Serving.

Sharing God's love and changing lives through simple acts of kindness.

Servolution is not just an event; it is a revolution formed through serving. As we begin opening our hearts, hands, and time to serve, not only are we part of changing the lives of others, but we are also subject to the changing of our own lives. A beautiful perspective is found when we take the time to actually see the world through God’s eyes. When we stop to actually look around us and ask ourselves “How can I serve someone today?” we find ourselves being transformed by the idea of living beyond ourselves.


Infusing this culture into the DNA of your church will change the view of the world and your perspective of the needs of those around you. This movement is rumbling throughout the body of Christ - a revolutionary army of people ready to take up this mandate. We want to actively pursue the lost, the forgotten, and the poor to show them a God who is passionately in love with them. We stand ready with one heart, saying, "I will serve others and show them the hope they can have in Jesus."

Starting Your Servolution.

Just do it!

Deciding to get out there and do something is the first step. So many times the one thing that is missing is the willingness to just get out there and try. We serve a big God, there is no need to be afraid. Get your church staff and leaders behind the idea of serving your community and start a Servolution.

Identify the Need

Our world is full of needs. There are countless opportunities and ways for us to reach out to those around us; we simply have to open our eyes. We have to train ourselves to see the world through a new perspective, “What can we do to serve those around us?” Sometimes it is even helpful to ask yourself “What could I use right now?”- Whether it be a piece of gum after a dinner date, a car wash, a freshly painted school classroom, or a complete home renovation. The opportunities are endless, we just have to pause and notice them.

Get Equipped

Get equipped to reach your community by doing your homework! Search this website, watch the videos, read Pastor Dino Rizzo's book Servolution and do some research in your community to find out what would work best in your area. You can also discuss outreach ideas on this website with other people. Find out what has worked for someone else and tailor it to fit the needs of your community. What has God placed on your heart? Maybe you have a burden for single moms, widows or underprivileged families. Ask God to give you a heart for the people in your community. Don't just have church, be the church!

Get Connected

Our desire is that this website will be a useful tool, loaded with help and ideas to assist you in starting a Servolution. Being connected to a community of people and churches that are working on the same things is vital. If you are a small group or an individual, we encourage you to get connected to a local church in your area. If you are a church, register here to let people know that there is a church involved with Servolution in your community. Individuals can look here to find out about churches near them who are reaching out to their cities. Get connected today! We can learn so much from each other on this journey!

[ surv-uh-loo'-shuhn ]

to initiate a complete and radical change of a persons life through simple acts of kindness for the glory of God.

God's Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

a church revolution through serving.