What People are Saying.

Dino Rizzo is one of those guys you can't not like. His love for God and for people are contagious. And his book, Servolution, is a must-read. It is inspirational. It is practical. And it has the potential to revolutionize your life.

- Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor, National Community Church

In all my years of exploring the power of leadership, I have learned that the true expression of leadership is found in serving. I have witnessed the incredible story of Dino Rizzo and Healing Place Church and have seen the eternal impact that serving has made on so many lives in their community and throughout the world. Servolution is a must-read for anyone who wants to transform their life and the lives of others simply by choosing to serve with no strings attached.

- John C. Maxwell, Author, Speaker, and Founder of EQUIP

When a church serves the hurting, sees those far from God changed by the gospel, and gets mentioned in a Presidential State of the Union speech, that church deserves your attention. And, now you can find out "why"-- and more importantly, "how." In Servolution, pastor Dino Rizzo shares his story and that of the church he started, Healing Place Church. Read this book and it will challenge you to ask yourself, "how can I share AND show the love of Christ like Healing Place Church?".

- Ed Stetzer, President of LifeWay Research

In Servolution, Dino Rizzo has done a fabulous job of revealing God's heart for a hurting world and what each one of us can do to bring healing to those around us. In this book, we get not only a wealth of information but also real stories of someone who lives out what he teaches. Dino inspires me like few others I know.

- Chris Hodges, Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands

Dino Rizzo attracts miracles! Why? Because he serves people everywhere he goes. I know from serving people on the streets of New York City that miracles follow serving. This book is the story of miracles that have come to Dino and Healing Place Church because of their commitment to serving others with no strings attached. Read, study, and implement what the Spirit says to you through this book and get ready to see miracles in your church.

- Nelson Searcy, Lead Pastor, The Journey Church

I have never known anyone who lives and breathes the concept of "servolution" as much as Dino does. This tool is a huge win for the church. For years we have asked Dino to take the time to break down this concept and write out practical steps so that everyone can tap into it. Let's go for it!

- Rick Bezet, New Life Church

Matthew 11:12: "Since the days of John the Baptist, the Kingdom of God has been forcefully advancing and forceful men lay hold of it." Dino Rizzo is a dynamo helping to advance the kingdom of God. His heart for the poor, oppressed, and the needy is precious. This book will stimulate your resolve to serve and advance the kingdom.

- Bill McCartney, CEO, Promise Keepers

Dino Rizzo oozes servolution from his pores, which is both inspiring and contagious. Once you join this revolution, there's no looking back. Serving the poor is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate Christ's love, and Dino does an amazing job showing us the way. This book will change the world. I guarantee it.

- Anne Jackson, Author, Mad Church Disease

I've known Dino Rizzo for many years as a close friend to Bobbie and me, and to our church family. Dino's life, passion, and enthusiasm more than qualify him to speak with influence on the topic of servanthood. Healing Place Church is a great example of a church filled with kingdom-driven, servant-minded, community focused people, and they are strategically bringing change to the nation. This book is about team, it's about vision, and it will inspire you to a fresh and radical way of living.

- Brian Houston, Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church

Serving. It's a lost art. The simplicity of serving has been buried beneath a mountain of religious programs and activities that mask the truth, and the truth is that our hearts have been hardened to the desperate needs in people's lives. Thank God for Pastor Dino and the servolution that he, his wife, and his ministry are calling for. Dino has masterfully captured this much-needed message not only with the words he has written but also with the life he has lived. This book is for every pastor, every church, and every believer who wants to fulfill God's mandate on this earth. Don't just read this book with your eyes; let its message sink into the depths of your soul.

- Priscilla Shirer, Author and Bible Teacher

Servolution is an inspirational and practical book. I was encouraged, convicted, and challenged as I read it to make a difference not just in my church but also in my community and in the world. Thanks, Dino, for putting Jesus-style ministry back on the front burner. This book is a must-read for all of our staff and leaders.

- Matt Fry, Pastor, C3 Church

In Servolution Pastor Dino Rizzo lays out a blueprint for what I believe will be the next big move in the church. Every pastor needs to read this book to understand the implications of this seismic shift in how church is done in America and around the world.

- Geoff Surratt, Co-author of The Multi-site Church Revolution

We were created to live a life of servanthood. Sadly, many of us have drifted off course. Servolution is a book every Christian should read. I can think of no person more qualified to write it than Pastor Dino Rizzo. He lives what is written here.

- David Meyer, CEO, Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries

If every church in America would read Dino's book and do what he and DeLynn did in their community, massive numbers of people would be coming to Christ in our nation. So many books teach church-growth principles, but this book is not about that. Servolution is simply about rolling up your sleeves and serving people in your community by meeting practical needs. What Dino has written exemplifies the statement that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. It's not about growing the church so that you can meet needs but rather about meeting needs and finding that the church will grow as a byproduct of serving others.

- Nancy Alcorn, Founder and President, Mercy Ministries International

I couldn't wait to open the book, because I know the author. Dino Rizzo is the most generous man I know. Big statement, but I'm not exaggerating. Recently I told my wife that I'd like to be as generous as Dino someday. That's my goal. In his book Servolution, Dino tells the story of Healing Place Church and shows us how we can all be generous, in ways that matter most, and he doesn't look down his nose at us or scold us or seem better than us. That's not Dino's way. He invites us to join him on a journey. The whole book is really a toolkit for loving our communities like Jesus does. I hope it starts a revolution of servolution in our churches. (Is that really a word? I didn't think so, but I like it. It should be. It is now!)

- Greg Surratt, Seacoast Church

I don't know of anyone who can speak with more authority and passion on the subject of serving a city and a region through the local church than Pastor Dino Rizzo. Through his leadership, Healing Place Church has started a revolution through serving that has impacted not only my church but also hundreds of churches around the world. In this book, Pastor Dino masterfully displays his heart for people and gives us practical steps to start a servolution. You will be challenged and ignited to tangibly love people in your world and impact them for eternity.

- Joe Champion, Senior Pastor, Celebration Church

Pastor Dino and Healing Place Church are at the leading edge of a return to one of the fundamentals of our faith-servanthood. I've seen the impact of HPC not only at home but also in the forgotten places of the world. By implementing the practical steps outlined in this book, we'll see a dramatic change in the American church, from the inside out.

- Mark Pluimer, President, Mission of Mercy

The book you hold in your hand will revolutionize not only your heart but also your church and community. Servolution should be the constant companion of anyone who wants to be inspired and activated to reach and touch a hurting world. Watching Dino for many years, I know that this message is his life and his life is this message. Pick up your towel and get ready for a servolution.

- Steve Robinson, Pastor, Church of the King

An amazing book! Servolution will ignite a new fire for people in your heart. Dino is not only one of my closest friends but also a mentor and someone I admire greatly because of his undying passion to serve people. Healing Place Church's journey and the true secret of its growth and influence are found right here in this book.

- John Siebeling, Lead Pastor, The Life Church of Memphis

It has been said, "The test of servanthood is how you act when you are treated like one." Dino Rizzo treats himself like one. His servant heart and spirit mark him, his church, and all who come in contact with him.

- Jacob Aranza, Senior Pastor, Our Savior's Church

Pastor Dino has hit the mark again. This amazing book is a call for action! Servolution gives the church the tools it needs to fulfill what Christ has called each of us to do-serve one another.

- Gary Simons, Pastor, High Point Church

Servolution is the blueprint for building the church, a strategy for every leader to reach out into their community and bring about eternal change in the lives of people. The truths in this book empower us all to become an undeniable force to the poor, the hurting, and the oppressed, all the while galvanizing and growing our organizations. Servolution will revolutionize your thinking, and it should be in every leader's library.

- Lee and Laura Domingue, Cyrus International

This book inspires a big wow! Pastor Dino provides us with a very practical approach to serving our communities with the love of Jesus Christ. Not only does he teach us the principles of serving, he also provides us with real-life examples-he shows us how to do it. This book is destined to change lives and to change the way we think about church.

- Dale O'Shields, Senior Pastor, Church of the Redeemer