Servolution Annual Event.

A joint effort to make a difference in people's lives.

The Servolution event consists of partnering churches from all over the world coming together to express the love of Christ to the people in their communities through simple acts of kindness and generosity. The event usually takes place during the week leading up to Easter.

We would love for you to partner with us in bringing that example set by Jesus to the people in your area. This is a great opportunity to engage with people in your community and to learn more about them and their needs. There are countless ways for us to serve our cities, wheather it’s through an afternoon water outreach or an entire day devoted to reaching out to people. What you do, how you do it, and the cost involved is entirely up to you. No Servolution is insignificant and there is no limit to what you can do.


On this website we have compiled a lot of great resources and made them available to you. Whether this is a new idea for your church or if the culture of serving is already part of what you're about, we believe that these resources can be amazingly valuable to you. We want to do all we can to help you reach your community for Jesus. We believe that we can do more together than any one church or denomination can do alone. There is power in unity and we know that the body of Christ will be impacted through it.

Some Helpful Tips for Planning Your Event.

Set the Date.

We have chosen to host an annual event during the week leading up to Easter because it’s a great time to reach out to people and invite them to be part of our special Easter weekend services. This is what has worked for us, but Servolution events can take place at ANY time!

A few factors that may help you in choosing a date:

1) Are there any big events or special services (like Easter) that you want to open up to your community? Be strategic in giving them opportunities to connect with your church.

2) When is the best time to get volunteers involved? Servolution is not only meant to serve the people in your community, but to also give your congregation or team a chance to catch the heart of serving. It’s important to make is easy for people to get involved and serve!

3) What events or projects are going on in your community? Check into your city schedule, check with local government or city official offices. Find out if there are any projects that your team can contribute an effort to.

Choose Your Project(s).

Factors to consider as you plan out your outreaches during the event:

1) What people groups are you looking to reach out to?

2) What do you want to accomplish?: Do you want to serve a certain number of people? Renovate an area of your city? Visit every nursing home in your area? It is important to set out your goals in order to be efficient with your time, efforts, and resources.

3) How much time and effort are you looking to put into this event?: Do you want to do a bunch of small projects over a week long period? Or a few bigger projects in a shorter time frame? Know your capacity.

4) What is your budget? What resources are available to you? Offering sponsorship opportunities to local businesses and organizations can be useful in helping you achieve your project goals.

5) Are your projects volunteer friendly? Servolution is meant to give people a chance to catch the heart of serving and you want it to be easy and fun for those giving of their time to participate. However, don’t be afraid to place appropriate age limits or gender restrictions on projects if needed. Safety is key!

6) If your goal is bigger than your team can realistically accomplish alone, consider partnering with other churches or organizations in your area.

Choose Your Team.

In planning Servolution events, it is important to have a strong team! Although every event varies, there are a few general team positions to consider.

1) Volunteer Coordinator: Someone to organize and communicate to volunteers. They will need to have all information on the outreach projects and what opportunities are available to volunteers.

2) Sponsorship Manager: Someone who can connect businesses to opportunities to sponsor your projects. The sponsorship manager will need to know exactly what supplies and budget are needed for your event. They will also need to be able to clearly communicate the heart behind these projects and show value to those wanting to sponsor.

3) Supply Manager: Someone to organize the event supplies and giveaway items as they are purchased or donated.

4) Financial Manager: Someone to keep track of all funds that are spent or donated and can help in sending receipts and success reports to sponsors.

5) Project Leaders: Someone who has strong leadership abilities and can take on the actual execution of your outreach projects.

6) Media Team: Don’t underestimate the value of sharing the success of your event. Be sure to have photographers, videographers, journalists, etc. to help communicate the stories and testimonies from your event.


Promote Your Event.

Promote to volunteers. After you have finalized the date, time, and goal for your Servolution event, begin communicating specific opportunities to your volunteers.

Here are a few promotion ideas: Promotional handouts (fliers, etc.), Verbal announcements, Video announcements, Web announcements, Social media (Twitter, blog, Facebook, etc.) and T-shirts (for volunteers to purchase and wear during the event)

Execute Your Event.

What is your connection point for people in the community? You want to make sure you are providing opportunities for people to get connected in the body of Christ. Have a next step for the people you reach to go deeper in their walk with God.

For more information about executing an event, please check the "Outreach Manuals" section of this website

Follow Up.

Compile pictures, testimonies, videos, etc. from volunteers and anyone who was reached through your event. Be sure to celebrate these stories with your volunteers, team members, and your congregation!

Thank all sponsors, leaders, team members, etc. for their effort in this event. Consider writing thank you cards, giving gifts, and/or hosting an appreciation party in their honor.

Have a way for volunteers to continue to be involved in other outreach projects. Present a way for volunteers for be engaged in the ongoing culture of serving in your church.

"The greatest among you will be your servant." -Matthew 23:11 NIV