Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does an outreach cost?

Outreach costs are all relative to which outreach you chose to do. Depending on exactly what you are wanting to do and how many people you are wanting to reach, most outreaches average anywhere from FREE - $150.00.

Is it family friendly?

An outreach is definitely a family friendly event and even a great way to pour the value of servanthood into your children. Most outreaches such as visiting nursing homes and washing cars are for all ages. There are some outreaches however that may not be safe for a younger crowd, such as water giveaways and bar outreaches.

How many people does it take?

We believe that one person can make a difference. A Servolution can take anywhere from 1 person to 10,000 people. The number of volunteers needed will depend on the outreaches you decide to do.

What are some outreaches we can do?

There are lots of great examples for outreaches that your church, group or family can do on our Outreach Idea section, check it out here.

How do I organize volunteers?

We ask people to sign-up during any of our services. This allows us to see how many people are committed to the event, and it allows us to pre-place them if there are multiple outreaches or multiple tasks to one outreach. The week after each sign-up period we notify each volunteer to tell them about what they will be doing during the event.

How do we follow-up with volunteers?

On the day of your outreach, we encourage you to have every volunteer sign a sign-in sheet so you will be able to follow up with a thank-you email as well as a list of more serving opportunities if available.

What do we do if the weather is bad?

Many times we plan backup outreaches that can be done inside. Examples are to visit nursing homes, clean your church, or clean a school. Sometimes you can get creative and plan rain outreaches such as walking people to the store from their cars with umbrellas.

How do we let the community and media know what we are doing?

Often news stations and papers are interested in public interest things just like Servolution. It gives them a chance to show something positive that's happening in the comunity. You may know someone who works at a media outlet or you can send them a press release to the news room explaining what your church or group is doing. You can watch a Q&A video with some helpful ideas to promote your outreaches here.

Can our youth group participate?

YES! In fact they can sometimes be your driving force in doing outreaches. Young people are often more socially aware and in touch with the community than most. What better place for them to be involved and giving their often limitless energy than through the church!

How do we do outreaches if we have no resources?

You can choose outreaches that require little to no supplies, such as a free car wash (you might find these supplies at home or church already).

Leverage your resources by finding someone who is already serving and assist them with the load they're carrying. There are many reputable organizations that already work with cancer victims, cerebral palsy sufferers, and those with other physical handicaps. There are so many ways that you can get involved and extend your reach to touch those who need God's love.

Many times local businesses and governments are looking for ways to get involved with the community. It never hurts to ask if they would like to sponsor or supply the needed materials for outreaches.

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