Get Creative.

Our world is full of needs. There are countless opportunities and ways for us to reach out to those around us; we simply have to open our eyes. We have to train ourselves to see the world through a new perspective, “What can we do to serve those around us?” Sometimes it is even helpful to ask yourself “What could I use right now?”- Whether it be a piece of gum after a dinner date, a car wash, a freshly painted school classroom, or a complete home renovation. The opportunities are endless, we just have to pause and notice them.


There are an endless number of ways to serve people; here are just a few ideas that may help spark your creativity in reaching out to your community! Feel free to take these ideas and change them up to fit what God has placed on your heart!

Outreach Ideas.


  • Hand out roses to ladies working in strip clubs (be sure to form an appropriate team)
  • Host a free garage sale
  • Bring free lunches to construction workers and servicemen in your area
  • Hand out free gum at a city parade
  • Clean up a widow’s yard
  • Give out free chapstick or sunscreen at a water park
  • Give out free bottled water at a busy traffic intersection
  • Plan a “Back to School Bash” for foster care children. Have free food, games, and a backpack/school supply giveaway
  • Give out free donuts and hot chocolate at a city bus station

Nursing Homes

  • Deliver fresh flowers to the residents
  • Host a regular church service at a nursing home (offer worship, devotions, prayer, and fellowship)
  • Throw a “Senior Prom” complete with live music, food, and decorations


  • Band: Serve free drinks or snacks at their practices
  • Fraternities/Sororities: Often these groups have a required number of community service hours to complete. Consider opening your outreach projects as an opportunity for them to get involved, thus creating an chance for your team to witness and share God’s love with those that volunteer.
  • Sports teams: Serve free bottled water at their practices
  • Give away free pencils and scantrons to college students during exam week
  • Help college freshmen move into a dorm
  • Prepare free meals for students and faculty
  • Locate bars on campus and serve free bottled water to students as they exit the venue

Special Needs

  • Host a fun day for children with special needs and their families to relax and enjoy themselves
  • Start a pen-pal program matching volunteers to a person with special needs. Ask them to write letters and send small treats on a regular basis, sharing God’s love in a simple way.


  • Serve free watermelon to high school football teams
  • Host a free car wash for the faculty
  • Deliver gift baskets to teachers for “Teacher Appreciation Day”
  • Serve free hot breakfast to students before the school day begins

Inner City

  • Serve hot breakfast for the homeless in your community
  • Do a community trash clean up
  • Host a “Block Party” with free food, games, music, etc. for families
  • Renovate a run down school in the area
  • Do a mass door-to-door grocery giveaway
  • Hold a graffiti clean up day
  • Have a “Free Grass Cutting” day


  • Serve free coffee, energy drinks, and snacks to staff and those waiting in the emergency room
  • Give out healthy snacks to patients of chemotherapy
  • Deliver small gifts to patients and families in the children’s ward (toys, care packages, etc.) Or send clowns, balloon twisters, magicians, etc. to visit with children and their families.


  • Hand out conversation heart candy to people for Valentine’s Day
  • Host an Easter Egg Hunt for children with special needs and their families
  • Do a a free water giveaway in your city on Independence Day
  • Plan a grocery and ham drive for families in need of a Thanksgiving meal
  • Host a Christmas toy drive for needy children
  • Host a Christmas toy drive for needy children
  • Offer to go Christmas shopping for prison inmates who have children.

Share and Discuss Ideas.

Join the community.

Need ideas on how to reach your community? Have a great outreach idea? Revolutionary or simple, we want to hear it! Share your ideas, tell us what you think of other people's ideas and join the discussion. There are churches all over the world doing amazing things in their communities. There may be things that another church is doing that can be tailored to work in your community and vice versa. We believe this resource can be especially helpful to your church. We want to hear what you have to say!

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"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." -Mark 10:45 NIV