Putting Your Outreaches to Action.

A few helpful guides.

In order to provide a clear picture to outreach leaders of what they will be responsible in leading a particular outreach, consider creating an outreach manual with detailed information specifically for them. Include guidelines, rules, supply lists, a timeline for the day, emergency contact information, etc. Here you will find some example outreach manuals that may help give you some ideas!


Implementing Your Outreach.

Outreach Manuals.

Water Outreach.

A simple bottle of water can mean so much on hot summer day! With hot summer days and bumper to bumper 5 o’clock traffic, we have found that simply bring ice cold bottles of water to a congested intersection, people will be truly blessed. This outreach has become one of the most reliable and consistent outreaches that we do, but is not safe for children. By simply packing bottled water into an ice chest and having a fired up team of volunteers, this outreach can be done year around and at just about at any local traffic jam!

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Widows Outreach.

Reaching out to widows is one of the few outreaches that are directly mentioned in the bible (James 1:27), and is possibly one of the simplest outreaches that you can do. There are many ways you can reach out to widows like bringing them a lunch every week, cutting their grass, home repairs, but one of the powerful ways to reach your widows is simply sitting with them and talking. Many widows are lonely and just want to find purpose in life. By simply hanging out and talking with them you will quickly find that even though u are reaching them, they infact are impacting you far more than you could ever have thought.

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Nursing Home Outreach Outreach.

Visit nursing homes weekly or bi-weekly with teams that can consist of any age group. A normal outreach to the nursing homes would consist of visiting residents by going door to door, painting fingernails, having WII tournaments, and having worship sing along. You could also hold monthly church services in some of the nursing homes that you visit.

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